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Divorce and separation are never easy on our clients and their families. CGMA understands the financial stress that these life events can inflict, and would like to address the ways we can provide support.

Legal Expenses

As this is the most commonly asked question, it's important to note that CGMA does not authorize assistance for legal expenses, including fees for divorce, child custody, or other domestic disputes.  (CGMA Manual, Chapter 3-D)

How CAN CGMA help?

Rental Assistance and Moving Expenses:

When a client has a temporary financial setback of having to establish a secondary household due to moving out of their primary residence, CGMA can help out with first/last month's rent or security deposit, or moving expenses. (CGMA Manual, Chapter 3-C-5c)

General Bills and Basic Living Expenses:

While CGMA is unable to assist with legal fees, our clients still incur these expenses, which can set them back on their monthly bills. Assistance may be considered when a client, who is normally able to pay all of their normal recurring bills and expenses, is experiencing short-term difficulty in making payments due to legitimate reasons which created a hardship, preventing them from having sufficient funds to pay their bills using their own resources.  (CGMA Chapter 3-C-3-h)

Child Support:

Assistance may be considered for families with stepchildren, or for single parents who are facing a financial hardship due to not receiving anticipated child support. Assistance, limited to an amount of demonstrated need, not to exceed the amount of missing child support, may be authorized provided the client is able to demonstrate that the missing child support is of a temporary nature or that they have taken appropriate action to pursue the child support. This may include contacting appropriate Federal Child Support Enforcement Agency and/or Family Advocacy Program authorities. Assistance will normally be on a one-time basis.

Assistance to help a client make a child support payment may be considered on a one-time basis when unexpected events or expenses cause a serious financial burden and financial need is demonstrated. Assistance will not normally exceed two months of child support payments and the client must be able to demonstrate how they intend to make future child support payments.    (CGMA Chapter 3-C-3-l)


Assistance may be considered for an immediate family member in a situation where the CGMA sponsor is providing inadequate or no support for their immediate family members. After verifying need, emergency assistance may be provided to prevent privation (food, eviction, loss of utilities), stabilize the situation, and allow time for social service support and other long-term arrangements. Command involvement is required and may include counseling the CGMA sponsor and/or reporting the situation to the appropriate Family Advocacy Program authorities. Assistance will normally be limited to a one-time basis and must contribute to resolving the problem.  (CGMA Chapter 3-C-3-m)

You give valuable time to assist CGMA clients and it is much appreciated!

Please let CGMA-HQ know (703) 875-0404 or toll free (800) 881-2462 or email: if there is any way we can support your efforts as you serve your shipmates through CGMA.