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Supporting Documentation is needed

Many of the requests for assistance that CGMA receives are for past due bills, vehicle repairs, dental procedures, missing pay, etc.  When these requests come in, it's important to understand what type of documenting paperwork you should obtain from the client outside of the CGMA form 5 (pdf) and budget form CGMA form 15 (pdf).

General Documentation

When a client requests funds for work or services that need to be taken care of, they need to present a quote from the providing facility with detail on what work/services are to be provided and the cost. For example, a member that needs engine repair should have an official quote provided by an auto repair shop with a breakdown of parts and labor and the total cost owed. The same theory applies for dental work or medical care/medicine not covered by insurance.  A handwritten estimate by the client does not suffice, and quotations should come directly from the medical facility or doctor on what goods/services are to be provided, the portion that will be covered by insurance, if any, and the portion of funds that are owed by the client.

Past Due Bills

If a member needs funds for past due bills, they should have a current statement from each company (not one from 2 months ago, as they may have made payments and/or new charges are due), with the total amount owed to each company.  In circumstances like these, it would be preferable for the CGMA Representative to make separate checks out to each company versus to the client, as to ensure the funds will be applied to those bills provided.

Pay Issues

Finally, when a client is experiencing pay issues, it is important to remember that CGMA only helps with providing funds for what the client is unable to pay due to the missing funds, not for the entire amount of the paycheck.  For example, if a client is missing his paycheck worth $2500, but only needs $1250 for rent, $100 for electricity and $300 for food and gas, CGMA will provide $1650, not the entire $2500.

Additional information can be found under Chapter 3-E-5 of the CGMA Manual.

You give valuable time to assist CGMA clients and it is much appreciated!

Please let CGMA-HQ know (703) 875-0404 or toll free (800) 881-2462 or email: if there is any way we can support your efforts as you serve your shipmates through CGMA.