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Case Management Program (CMP)

The CGMA Case Management Program (CMP) is used by our Representatives mainly to enter case information and print checks. But did you know? The CMP also has several reporting functions that can track assistance history per unit, a client's case history, a client's loan balance, and whether or not all of a unit's checks have been entered correctly. 

The following information is meant only for users of the case management program: our CGMA Representatives.

CGMA Unit Assistance Summary Report:

After logging in, click on Admin/Assistance Summary Report, select Disbursement for Report type, and select the month and year to get data for.  This report will give year to date information on unit disbursement of Loans, Personal Grants, and SEG's.  These reports come in handy during campaign time or anytime the unit wants to provide CGMA data, such as all hands trainings.

CGMA Rep Site AOR:

To find the local service units a CGMA unit is responsible for, click on reports, and local service units.  This report is helpful during campaign season, when researching a unit's AOR.  CGMA Representatives have the ability to help any member of the Coast Guard family, regardless of what local service unit they are from, in times of emergency.

Client Information:

To see if a client has a loan balance, or how much in SEG they have received for the current calendar year, click on client lookup and enter either the first name, last name, or SSN to see their current balance.  If the loan balance appears in red, the member is delinquent in repaying their loan, and will not be able to receive further assistance from CGMA without contacting CGMA-HQ.

To see a client's past case history, click on Case Lookup, search by last name, enter the client's last name, and check off "Lookup closed cases."  This will bring up all assistance that the client has received through CGMA.  Each individual case clicked on will bring the Rep to the main assistance screen.  Scroll down to the check information and click on the check.  This will bring up a copy of the check issued to the member with the amount issued and reasons why assistance was issued.  This check copy can also be printed for a client to keep for their personal records.

Open Cases:

If a representative wants to see if there are any open cases in the system, just click on case lookup.  Any open cases will appear on the first screen.  If a case is listed that should have been closed, click on the case and scroll down to the check information.  The check may have been printed, but no one confirmed that the check was printed.  Click on the check, hit print, and when the PDF appears, hit "confirm check printed".  This will close the case.

Additional information: These are the most frequently used reports in the CMP. Additional information concerning all available reports can be found in chapter 6-D of the CGMA Manual.

If a Representative ever needs help with any of this information, or using the Case Management Program in general, please contact us at CGMA-HQ.

You give valuable time to assist CGMA clients and it is much appreciated!

Please let CGMA-HQ know (703) 875-0404 or toll free (800) 881-2462 or email: if there is any way we can support your efforts as you serve your shipmates through CGMA.