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How we help

Supplemental Education Grants (SEG) provides financial assistance to members of the Coast Guard family by reimbursing them for certain costs associated with seeking their first undergraduate (Associate and/or Bachelor) degree (updated 1/1/15 seeking a collage degree), or a Vocational and Technical Training (VoTech) certificate, or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), otherwise not covered by Coast Guard Tuition Assistance or similar programs. 

Assistance is not authorized for those seeking a graduate degree or a second Associate or Bachelor degree.

Qualified students include:

Eligible CGMA clients and their dependents.  The limit is $250 ( increased to $350 eff 1/1/15) per CGMA client, per calendar year. In a family where there are two eligible CGMA clients, grants of up to $250 ( increased to $350 eff 1/1/15) may be provided to each CGMA client, with a maximum of $250 ( increased to $350 eff 1/1/15) issued on behalf of each student.

Qualifying expenses include:

  • textbooks
  • enrollment/registration/transfer fees
  • lab and activity fees
  • lab books
  • work books
  • and study guides

Expenses that are not eligible include: tuition, food, parking, childcare, cost of tests or exams, and general purpose software and computers (i.e. Microsoft office, Windows software, laptops, or PCs)

End of year deadline

As we approach the end of the year, it's time to remind people to submit those book receipts! 

The last day to enter and print checks for calendar year 2012 is Friday, December 28th.  After this date, all SEG checks issued will count towards calendar year 2013.

Additional information can be found under Chapter 3-C-7-c of the CGMA Manual.

You give valuable time to assist CGMA clients and it is much appreciated!

Please let CGMA-HQ know (703) 875-0404 or toll free (800) 881-2462 or email: if there is any way we can support your efforts as you serve your shipmates through CGMA.