A Busy PCS Season with Many Complications

Each permanent change of station (PCS) season brings its own unique challenges. This year however, critical housing and transportation supply chain issues and shortages to make an already stressful and financially demanding process even more difficult.

Anticipating a busy and complicated PCS Season, CGMA raised housing program limits and modified several programs to increase the reach of support for members and their families that were experiencing the crunch of housing issues this PCS Season. 

CGMA has worked hard to design and implement timely and innovative programs to assist with these financial challenges, including an increase to our interest-free closing cost and first and last month’s rent assistance from $6,000 to $9,000.

No matter where they are stationed or where they were headed, Mutual Assistance stood ready to smooth the wrinkles that many Coast Guard members faced with their housing this year. Whether with local moves or through a change of duty station, 526 clients found the help they needed to secure their housing.

Hear from just a few of the hundreds of members that have recently navigated housing challenges:

“It was truly a blessing to have had the help for a deposit in San Diego. It is already expensive to live here and the home we were going to rent needed a $4000 deposit. Gladly with the PCS loan assistance we were able to receive it and pay it back on our terms within 36 months. I can truly say it was the help we needed. PCS season is already stressful so, having help definitely makes the stress lift off my shoulders. Thank you, thank you.”

PO3 Maria Canty

“The loan was tremendously helpful. I had a long distance to travel and having CGMA to back me up financially was a must-have for me. I was able to stay in decent hotels along the way home and had no trouble with moving expenses. So grateful!”

BM3 Michael J. Pierce

“Several years ago, when I was a BM3, I received help though from CGMA and it was literally the difference between sleeping on a tiled floor in my apartment in Puerto Rico and having a bed. The loan was what allowed me to pay for rent my first month due to an error in processing my eligibility for OHA at the time. I have also used CG support this year when I wanted to speak with a financial expert about what I needed to do in order to responsibly be able to purchase a house.”

BM2 Stephen Gilbert

“We are super thankful for CGMA, moving from VA to CA where housing is triple the price, the quick loan helped us secure a new rental without it taking away from our regular money needed for monthly items. We are super appreciative of the help!”

PO2 Jade Berrios

Breaking records again this year, CGMA PCS support helped families combat supply chain delays and housing shortages. In fact, CGMA provided $1.6 million in housing assistance this year, doubling our support from the year prior.


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