CGMA Marks a Century of Service

In 2024, CGMA will celebrate its centennial anniversary and mark 100 years of service and support for members of the U.S. Coast Guard and their families.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) was founded by Mrs. Clara Billard, wife of Rear Admiral Frederick C. Billard, the 6th Coast Guard Commandant who recognized the need for a formal support system to assist Coast Guard personnel facing financial hardships. She helped establish the League of Coast Guard Women, the precursor to CGMA, with a mission to “minister to the general welfare” to provide emergency financial assistance to Coast Guard members and their families. Dedicated to the well-being of the entire Coast Guard community, CGMA proudly offers financial assistance to Active Duty, Reserve and Auxiliary members, Civilian employees, Retired service members as well as PHS Officers and Chaplains, and surviving family members.

Since the time of our founding, we have stood as an organization that provides critical support during times of disaster as well as through life’s milestones. Today, with a century of service and support under our belts, CGMA continues the mission of serving the financial readiness and well-being of Coast Guard members.

CGMA 100 Year logo

Since its inception in 1924, CGMA has provided over $230 million in assistance. During that time CGMA’s programs and services have adapted to the changing needs of Coast Guard members and their families, offering interest-free loans, grants, and educational assistance to support them during times of financial stress, family emergencies, or educational pursuits. These programs have made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals who serve in the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard community needs our help today, as much as they did 100 years ago. As they protect America’s shores, resources, and maritime interests, we will continue our work to help make them financially resilient well into the future.

The centennial is an opportunity to celebrate CGMA’s enduring dedication to service, honor the memories of those it has assisted, and look forward to its ongoing mission of support and assistance in the years to come. Please join us this year as we mark this momentous anniversary in CGMA’s history of service to the men and women who serve the United States Coast Guard.


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