Respite Care Grant

When you're caring for an ill or disabled family member, 24-hour needs can become overwhelming. Having a break for a few hours can give caregivers just the boost they need.

The CGMA Respite Care Grant is short-term help to allow a family to work towards building their own resources for self-financed respite care and to apply for assistance offered through their health insurance, governmental, or community agencies.

Coast Guard veteran sitting at a table


Up to 40 hours per month

Type of Assistance



Active Duty
PHS Officers and Chaplains

How to Apply

Who's Eligible?

Coast Guard families with a family member enrolled in the Coast Guard Special Needs Program. The person with special needs may be a spouse, a dependent child, or dependent parent (must be registered in DEERS) who has been diagnosed with a profound disability or a serious or terminal illness that requires on-going care and attention.

What's Covered?

  • Up to 40 hours per month (average 8 hours per week)
  • A maximum rate of $25 per hour


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