Special Needs Grant

CGMA is proud to work with the Coast Guard to provide additional support to our families with exceptional needs. Special Needs Grants provide financial assistance to Active Duty CGMA members who are faced with increased financial requirements because they have dependents registered in the Coast Guard Special Needs Program.

CGMA will reimburse members up to $3,000 every 5 years for services or resources designed for special needs.

Special Needs Child on a surfboard in the water with adults


Up to $3,000

Type of Assistance



Active Duty
PHS Officers and Chaplains

Start with Your CGMA Rep

Start with your local CGMA Representative

There are more than 600 Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Representatives to help you.


How to Apply

Gather these documents:

  • Your Coast Guard ID
  • CGMA-02 Special Needs Grant Application
  • Receipts or other documents showing the costs of qualifying items purchased within one year
  • Document from the physician’s office
  • Documentation of participation in the Coast Guard Special Needs Program

Contact your CGMA Representative to start the process.

Who's Eligible?

The CGMA Special Needs Grant is open to Regular Coast Guard Active Duty members and Coast Guard Reserve members on active duty for 181 days or more who have dependents registered in the Coast Guard Special Needs Program.

Your Family Resource Specialist can help you take advantage of related CGMA programs.


What's Covered?

  • Activities such as camps, clubs, sporting leagues that are designed specifically for special needs children or for siblings of special needs children
  • Adaptive equipment such as heavy-duty strollers, wheelchairs, shoes, cranial helmets, etc.
  • Other resources designed to meet special needs, such as Assistive Technology Devices (communication devices, hearing aids, etc.) or specialized computer software
  • Membership fees to organizations that provide special needs services


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