Changes and Celebrations: 2024 CGMA Annual Meeting

This year, CGMA will celebrate its centennial anniversary and mark 100 years of service and support for members of the U.S. Coast Guard and their families. Since our founding in 1924, we have stood as an organization that provides critical support during times of disaster as well as through life’s milestones. 

In April, CGMA held our Annual Meeting to celebrate the achievements of the past year as well as showcase the amazing efforts of our volunteers and supporters, recognize the service of departing members of the Board Of Directors, and bid farewell to our amazing CEO, RADM Cari Batson Thomas, USCG (Ret.). USCG Commandant and CGMA Board Chair Linda Fagan gave remarks highlighting the assistance achievements of 2023 where Mutual Assistance provided $9.9 million dollars in financial support to over 6,800 members. CGMA was honored to also have USCG Vice Commandant Admiral Steven Poulin as a guest speaker who emphasized Mutual Assistance’s history and record of service to address the financial resilience of the Coast Guard Community. 

After honoring our awardees and celebrating the milestones of the past year, Admiral Fagan honored our departing CEO with the Distinguished Public Service Award in recognition of her service from April 2018 to April 2024: 

Rear Admiral Thomas demonstrated transformative leadership spearheading improvements that greatly enhanced the efficiency and value of CGMA for its over 150,500 clients. 
Rear Admiral Thomas’ pivotal role in distributing over $50 million to more than 49,000 clients not only highlight her strategic leadership but also underscores the crucial part she played in shaping CGMA’s impact during its largest and most critical prevention and response years. 

As we embark on the next century, we envision a future firmly anchored in unwavering service, dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the Coast Guard community and ensuring their financial readiness and well-being for the next century and beyond. 


Lieutenant James Crotty Inspirational Leadership Award  

PERS2 Caitlin S. Fleming, Coast Guard Yard.  

The Lieutenant Thomas James Crotty Inspirational Leadership Award recognizes the CGMA Representative who best exemplifies a willingness to go above and beyond in the service of the Coast Guard family. It embodies LT Crotty’s spirit of respect for others and a dedication to the USCG principle of service for others.  

In 2023, Chief Warrant Officer Caitlin Fleming emerged as a standout Representative. Last year Ms. Fleming orchestrated the seamless distribution of an impressive $257,000 across various Mutual Assistance programs. Her commitment to the financial resilience of the Coast Guard community set a new standard, reaching approximately 2,000 personnel and tenant commands served diligently by the Coast Guard Yard, one of CGMA’s most active Rep sites. 

Known for her heart for the Coast Guard community and beyond the numbers, Caitlin’s impact over the last 6 years as a CGMA Representative has been profound. Chief Warrant Officer Fleming’s efforts have supported the financial resiliency of Coast Guard men and women.  

CGMA Ambassador of the Year  

AUX John Andrew Brown, USCG Auxiliary CENTRAL GRAND STRAND  

The designation of Ambassador of the Year is given to recognize the effort of an individual who has made a direct and lasting impact on CGMA’s financial resources and has raised awareness of CGMA programs within their community.  

For the past 4 years, Auxiliarist Brown has consistently recruited and led other Auxiliary volunteers from Coast Guard Flotilla [070-12-04] Central Grand Strand to ensure the success of the annual CGMA Golf Invitational. 

CGMA Values Award  

Lockheed Martin Corporation  

The CGMA Values Pennant recognizes the effort of an organization that significantly promotes CGMA’s mission or engages with CGMA in an activity that reflects the highest values of Helping Our Own. 

So Others May Live  

Captain Raymond W. Atcheson, US Navy (Retired)  

The So Others May Live award recognizes the efforts of an individual or organization who uniquely supports the mission of Helping Our Own. 

From navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic to responding to many hurricanes and natural disasters, Captain Atcheson has consistently provided critical aid and support during times of dire need. Through his generous partnership with Mutual Assistance, he has made a difference for thousands of Coast Guard members and their families. 

Check out this highlight video from the 2024 CGMA Annual Meeting 

Watch the full recording of the 2024 CGMA Annual Meeting. 


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