Preparing for Hurricane Season, CGMA Temporarily Pauses SEG

In response to the upcoming hurricane season, the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) program has temporarily suspended its Supplemental Education Grant (SEG) starting June 1, 2024. This decision allows CGMA to reallocate its resources to provide critical support to Coast Guard personnel and their families during potential disasters.

The Atlantic hurricane season, which spans from June 1 to November 30, presents a period of heightened risk for communities along the coast. As part of its commitment to supporting the Coast Guard community, CGMA prioritizes disaster relief efforts, ensuring that those impacted by hurricanes and other natural disasters receive the assistance they need swiftly and effectively.

“We understand the significance of the Supplemental Education Grant for our members and their families,” said Jason Wong, CGMA’s Chief Operating Officer. “However, during hurricane season, our primary focus must be on aiding our heroes who are directly affected by these natural disasters. The health and safety of our Coast Guard personnel and their families is our top priority.”

CGMA will continuously monitor the progression of the hurricane season. Depending on the situation, Mutual Assistance may reinstate the SEG program sooner than anticipated. The decision to pause the program was not made lightly, recognizing the critical role that educational support plays in the lives of many Coast Guard families.

The SEG program has been instrumental in assisting Coast Guard families with educational expenses, making it easier for members to pursue academic goals without financial strain. CGMA remains committed to supporting educational pursuits and will resume the SEG program as soon as feasible to do so without compromising disaster relief efforts.

Stay safe and prepared this hurricane season. Remember CGMA is here to support you through every financial challenge.


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