Education Loan

College costs are a challenge, whether for yourself, your spouse, or your children. CGMA members can borrow up to $6,000 for higher education expenses.

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Up to $6,000

Type of Assistance

Interest-Free Loan


Active Duty
Civilian Employees
PHS Officers and Chaplains
Retired Military Personnel
Surviving Spouses

Start with Your CGMA Rep

Start with your local CGMA Representative

There are more than 600 Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Representatives to help you.


How to Apply

Gather these documents:

  • Your Coast Guard ID
  • CGMA-11 Education Loan Application
  • CGMA-15 Personal Budget
  • Proof of the student’s enrollment, such as a certificate of enrollment with current courses listed or a letter from the Registrar’s Office
  • Documented cost estimates, such as tuition/fees list, course syllabus listing required course materials, etc.

Contact your CGMA Representative to start the process.

Who's Eligible?

All CGMA members are eligible for Education Loans on behalf of themselves, their spouse, and/or their dependent children under 23.

Eligibility is based on the status of the CGMA client and the student as of the first day of the course.

The student must be either:

  • Enrolled in a college or university undergraduate or postgraduate degree program.
  • Pursuing a multi course Vocational and Technical Training (VoTech) program approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Education and designed to prepare the student for entry into a career field.
  • Seeking a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).
  • Completing a correspondence course that is part of a college or university degree program or VoTech certificate program.

Education Loans cannot be used for:

  • Dependents in high school or grade school.


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